With the Advanced Search Tool we made it easier for you to narrow down your search through a few simple steps you can finish in less than a minute. This way you get to your goal of finding the perfect space a lot quicker.

In the steps we ask you about your preferences for:
1. Location
2. Team size
3. Appearance
4. Budget

The tool automatically calculates which spaces fit your criteria the best, and shows you the results straight away.

You can find the tool in the top menu on the homepage.

Step 1. Location

Step 2. Team size

Step 3. Appearance

Step 4. Budget


Once you left us your details you'll receive the found workspaces in your email with a link so you can go back to the list with lightning speed.

You also see the results straight away on the next overview page.

We hope that the Advanced Search Tool helps you find your dream space now even faster.

Wish you all the luck. Happy finding!

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